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PHP sessions across sub domains

PHP-5.3, Apache-2.2

I need a single session for mysite.com and admin.mysite.com domains. I would login on main domain mysite.com, and will be already authorized on sub domains like admin.mysite.com.

In script before session start need too setup this session parameters:
session.cookie_path = "/"
session.cookie_domain = ".mysite.com" - dot at the beginning is important, it specify use same sessions on sub domains

Example for Zend Framework application.

Define site domain name value:
*** public/index.php ***
|| define('SITE_DOMAIN_NAME', (getenv('SITE_DOMAIN_NAME') ? getenv('SITE_DOMAIN_NAME') : 'mysite.com'));
It seems, if server value SITE_DOMAIN_NAME is not defined, craete it. We will use it in config file.

You can define SITE_DOMAIN_NAME in .htaccess file, Anyway he need to be configured on every server separately.

*** public/.htaccess ***
SetEnv SITE_DOMAIN_NAME mysite.com

Further I set session values in config file
*** application/configs/application.ini ***
local.session.cookie_path = "/"
local.session.cookie_domain = "." SITE_DOMAIN_NAME
This line  "." SITE_DOMAIN_NAME  is equal to ".mysite.com"

And in Bootstrap.php wee initialize session.
*** application/Bootstrap.php ***
protected function _initSession()
$localCfg = new Zend_Config($this->getOption('local'), true);

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